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Adidas Torfabrik 2015-16

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obig Adidas Torfabrik 2015-16

Adidas Torfabrik 2015-16 – FIFA Approved

Official match ball of German Bundesliga in season 2015-16. In first post in this year we found a couple of photos a new upcoming Adidas footballs. Today we can compare top model with other editions of Adidas Torfabrik.  A new design with main white and “ribbon” around the ball in German colors – black, red and yellow. Logo of the manufacturer, logo of Bundesliga and description TORFABRIK on front of the ball. continue reading…

Umbro Neo Pro 2015 ADFP


obig Umbro Neo Pro 2015 ADFP

Umbro Neo Pro 2015 ADFP – FIFA Approved

The Tournament Inca already has official ball. This is the new Umbro Neo Pro 2015, a modern ball will roll every week in all fields of Peruvian soccer.

The new Umbro Neo Pro 2015 ball, similar to the model of last season, with some almost imperceptible changes. The Umbro Neo Pro 2015 is a ball with 14 panels texture Hexa-Dimple, a layer with hexagonal dimples, similar to that of golf balls, which allow the ball to avoid air friction which makes it faster for tournament players..

Another change that introduces new Umbro Neo Pro ball is designing the colors are no longer black and white, it will be listed. This allows the official ball of the tournament del Inca, to pick up speed, keep it looking white. This in order to give you visibility in night games.

The new ball Tournament del Inca, Umbro Neo Pro 2015, it is made under a system of panel layers which gives a greater perfection to the ball and contains 40% microfiber, 50% latex and 10% cotton.

SP: Umbro presentó la Neo Pro, el balón oficial del Torneo Peruano

Nike Ordem 3 2015-16 OMB

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obig Nike Ordem 3 2015-16

Nike Ordem 3 2015-16 – FIFA Approved

First look on Nike Ordem 3 in panel shape from Nike Ordem. New fresh design in colors white and orange. A two to weeks ago I wrote about new design of upcoming new Nike ball.

Nike Ordem 3 2015-16 will be a new official match ball in Premier League, La Liga and Seria A in season 2015-16.

ES: Nike Ordem 3 2015-16 La Liga balón oficial.
IT: Nike Ordem 3 2015-16 Serie A pallone ufficiale.

Select Brillant Super

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obig Select Brillant Super

Select Brillant Super – FIFA Approved 211.A1A

Brillant Super is a living legend in the football word and by many regarded as the world best football. Thanks to a completely new construction, the use of the very best materials and the finest craftsmanship, they have managed to make the Brillant Super lighter and give it an improved bounce.

The upper on the Brillant Super is made with specially developed ‘Teijin Microfibre synthetic leather. This upper has the same 3-layer padding and classic Zero-Wing latex bladder to an improved and livelier movement. Furthermore the synthetic leather means you get a soft and natural touch on the ball.

Selects patented Zero-Wing bladder is made from natural latex and gives a constant balance. Furthermore the balance point has been moved to the opposite end of the valve, so the ball has a more correct and lively bounce.

The materials quality also makes sure the ball stays round – even after thousands of strikes.

A new upper with microtexture increases friction between the boot and ball, which gives increases ball control. Furthermore the golf ball texture helps minimize air resistance, so the ball gets a more stable and controlled swerve.

The ball is made with a classic 32-panel handmade constructions, which ensures optimized flight stability. The new fresh design also means the ball is easier to spot in the air.

Last, but certainly not least, the ball has a Double Lock valve, which is made from a durable rubber, where air has to go through two locks to get out. The Select Brillant Super therefore holds air much better then FIFA demands it.

The ball has been extensively tested and received the very highest FIFA-rating for its weight, water intake, circumference and rebound.

This football can be used on natural grass, artificial grass and gravel.

phoyto and info from:

Voit Aspid Neón

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obig Voit Aspid Neón 2015

Voit Aspid Neón – FIFA Approved

The Voit Aspid Neón will be a new official match ball in Mexican Liga Mx. With main color eye-catch yellow Voit Aspid Neón will help players to see the ball earlier and react faster. Design almost the same like in previous Voit Aspid models. Like always nn the front ball big black logo of the manufacturer.

Voit Aspid Neón we will see also in Lega de Ascenso and the Copa Liga Mx.

About ball:
Benefits: Better grip, durability and resistance, geo smart technology,
Construction: Hand sewn with 4 layers,
Cut: 20 panels,
Material: Textured polyurethane.


Adidas Conext15 J League 2015

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obig Adidas Conext15 J League

Adidas Conext15 J League 2015 – FIFA Approved

New  official match ball in Japan league. Adidas Conext15 J League is the same ball which was used in Womens World Cup Canada 2015 and FIFA Club World Cup Morocco 2014.

The adidas conext15 Official Match Ball replaced the hugely successful Adidas Brazuca for selected leagues and competitions globally in 2015. Now we’ll see this ball also in Japan League.

The conext15 features a new design inspired by the elements of nature: earth, wind & fire. The flowing green, red and blue design reflects the perfect balance of the three natural forces and is at the heart of the new conext15 ball.

Adidas Argentum 2015

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obig Adidas Argentum 2015

Adidas Argentum 2015 – FIFA Approved

Adidas Argentum 2015 released. Three 3 days ago Adidas shown us a new official match ball for Primera Division in Argentina. Panel shape from Brazuca and special design. Colors main white with blue-black ribbon (or numer 8 if you like) and golden Suns from argentinian national flag. This is 8th edition ball from Adidas for Argentina Primera Division. After Adidas Tango, Roteiro, Teamgeist, Terrapass, Speedcell, Tango Argentina 12, Tafugo and Argentum 2014.

New futures of Adidas Argentum 2015 is a thermally bonded seamless surface for more predictable trajectory, better touch and lower water uptake. Available in stores from January 2015.

obig Adidas Argentum 2015



AR: Adidas Argentum 2015 es la pelota creada por la empresa Adidas para jugar los campeonatos oficiales del fútbol Argentino.

obig Cristiano Ronaldo Ballon d’Or 2015

Cristiano Ronaldo Ballon d’Or 2015

For the second time in a row and third time overall, Portugal and Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo was crowned as the best player on the planet after an incredible season that included the UEFA Champions League and the FIFA Club World Cup for Real Madrid.

Cristiano became the first Portuguese player to achieve the biggest award 3 times in his career, beating fellow nominees Lionel Messi and Manuel Neuer to this year’s award. Cristiano’s brilliant 2014 included 31 goals in 30 matches in Spain’s La Liga – a haul that saw him finish as the 2013/14 top scorer – as well as a record 17 goals in the 2013/14 UEFA Champions League campaign.

obig Nike Premiership 2015-16

Nike Premiership 2015-16

It’s really a new design Nike Premiership 2015-16? We’ll see this in the nearest future. This ball isn’t of course top model from Nike (probably it’s a model Strike), but interesting is a design with black lines, which looks like panel shapes from  Nike Ordem. On the official match ball probably we’ll see this colors without black lines. Very interesting is description below Premiership logo – 15/16, which can suggest next season.

So, what do You think about it?

obig Nike Premiership 2015-16

obig Nike Premiership 2015-16

obig Nike Premiership 2015-16

Puma evoPower 1 Statement 15

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obig Puma evoPower 1 Statement 15

Puma evoPower 1 Statement 15 – FIFA Approved 216.A1E

FIFA-approved Puma evoPOWER 1 Statement 15 uses dual outer materials (interior duo-density foam and 4mm EVA foam backing) : one provides grip for more swerve in dead ball situations (free kicks and corners), while the other reintroduces PUMA’s patented dimple technology for better flight stability.  This a 20-panel ball with high-frequency molded construction adds more power to your natural power, right when and where you need it most.

New colors: main white, red with composition black and navy blue.

obig Puma evoPower 1 Statement 15

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