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obig Adidas Argentum 2015

Adidas Argentum 2015 – FIFA Approved

Adidas Argentum 2015 released. Three 3 days ago Adidas shown us a new official match ball for Primera Division in Argentina. Panel shape from Brazuca and special design. Colors main white with blue-black ribbon (or numer 8 if you like) and golden Suns from argentinian national flag. This is 8th edition ball from Adidas for Argentina Primera Division. After Adidas Tango, Roteiro, Teamgeist, Terrapass, Speedcell, Tango Argentina 12, Tafugo and Argentum 2014.

New futures of Adidas Argentum 2015 is a thermally bonded seamless surface for more predictable trajectory, better touch and lower water uptake. Available in stores from January 2015.

obig Adidas Argentum 2015



AR: Adidas Argentum 2015 es la pelota creada por la empresa Adidas para jugar los campeonatos oficiales del fútbol Argentino.