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obig Adidas Argentum 2016

Adidas Argentum 2016

Adidas Argentum 2016 is the new official adidas ball for local football competitions this year. That is, it will be used in the Tournament of Transition, the Argentina Cup and the Championship from 2016 to 2017.

His strokes of blue and white color make reference to the flag of our country, and also displays the official logo of the AFA.

Like -a Errejota used in the 2016 FIFA competitions, including Rio de Janeiro, and Beau Jeu, official ball of the next European Championship, the Adidas Argentum 2016 has a structure of six identical panels and a unique surface that provides extra grip contact, stability and aerodynamics on the court, in all weather conditions.

Since 2004, and consecutively, adidas continues to develop official balls tournaments Argentine Football Association custom designed fo this country.