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Adidas Emperors Cup 2013

Adidas Emperors Cup – FIFA Approved 205.A1D

The Emperor’s Cup All-Japan Soccer Championship Tournament (天皇杯全日本サッカー選手権大会 Tennōhai Zen Nippon Sakkā Senshuken Taikai), commonly known as The Emperor’s Cup (天皇杯 Tennōhai) or The Emperor’s Cup Soccer (サッカー天皇杯 Sakkā Tennōhai), is a Japanese association football competition. It has the longest tradition of any football tournament in Japan, dating back to 1921, before the formation of the J. League, Japan Football League and their predecessor, Japan Soccer League. Before World War II, teams could qualify not only from Japan proper but also from Korea, Taiwan, and sometimes Manchuria.

JP: 日本天皇杯公式試合球は、2013年アディダス