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obig Adidas Errejota Ekstraklasa

Adidas Errejota Ekstraklasa

Adidas Errejota Ekstraklasa for the 2nd part of the season unveiled. Current season started with the ball Conext15, which also uses the same technology as its predecessor.

Designed specifically for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Adidas Errejota inspired by carioca (one of the varieties of samba), was decorated with green and yellow elements which refer to the Land of Coffee. They resemble the shape of the waves, which will symbolize the sidewalks along the beach in Rio.

Adidas Errejoa Ekstraklasa is the third ball from Adidas, which will settle on the pitch Ekstraklasa. For Ekstraklasa most important is the fact that the league gets more and more goals, and yet the building of competition is also reflected by the number of goals scored. Adidas brand provides us with not only the best balls, but also provides a one hundred percent guarantee that their quality will continue to grow, and fans will be able to see more and more beautiful goals” – says Michal Siara Marketing Manager in the Ekstraklasa SA.