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obig Adidas Errejota J League Cup Yamazaki Nabisco Cup

Adidas Errejota J League Cup

Adidas Errejota J League Cup unveiled. Like in this Year, on the Conext 15 J League Cup, we can find almost the same colors on this ball. Mainly white with gold, silver, and red addons. On the side of this ball a list of all winners in this Tournement, also known as the Yamazaki Nabisco Cup.

Adidas Errejota J League continuing a design which can we see now on new upcoming soccer balls from Adidas: Adidas Beau Jeu, Adidas Nativo 2016 and Adidas Errejota.

J.League Cup is a Japanese football competition organized by J.League. It is the oldest professional domestic football competition in Japan. It is also known as Yamazaki Nabisco Cup or Nabisco Cup because confectionery/bakery company Yamazaki Nabisco (the Japanese Nabisco licensee) have sponsored the competition since its inception in 1992.

JP: 2016Jリーグヤマザキナビスコカップ公式試合球


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