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obig Adidas Fracas final ball design

Adidas Fracas final ball design

Adidas Fracas – official name for Euro Cup 2016 France final ball. Above this ball in SALA 5×5 version, a futsal ball. Colors and design almost the same as on official match ball of Euro Cup ball Adidas Beau Jeu, but with an 3D effect. A lot of TV watchers have a TV screens with 3D option, so maybe it’s something new, what we’ll see on our screen, some new experience to watch and enjoy a football game.

Adidas Fracas used the same design as Adidas Beau Jeu, with colors blue nad red, with mix letters and numbers (E-2 U-0 R-1 O-6) and logos. A small splashes, flares came out from main theme dimonds probably show us a football fans happiness after the game. We can only wait for official presentation to be sure.

update: 2016-06-20

obig Adidas Fracas final ball design

obig Adidas Fracas final ball design


3D effect

Stereoscopy (also called stereoscopics) is a technique for creating or enhancing the illusion of depth in an image by means of stereopsis for binocular vision. The word stereoscopy derives from Greek στερεός (stereos), meaning “firm, solid”, and σκοπέω (skopeō), meaning “to look, to see”. Any stereoscopic image is called a stereogram. Originally, stereogram referred to a pair of stereo images which could be viewed using a stereoscope.

Most stereoscopic methods present two offset images separately to the left and right eye of the viewer. These two-dimensional images are then combined in the brain to give the perception of 3D depth. This technique is distinguished from 3D displays that display an image in three full dimensions, allowing the observer to increase information about the 3-dimensional objects being displayed by head and eye movements.