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Adidas Speedcell AFA

Adidas Speedcell AFA – FIFA Approved 202.A8J

Color: White / Blue

A few days ago, Adidas introduced the Speedcell AFA, the new ball to be released in the Summer Tournament that will start in Mar del Plata in less than a month, and then used later in the Clausura and Apertura 2011 tournament.
The AFA Speedcell adidas combines high technology and design. The core of the design of the ball, along with fresh colors, are the eleven lines which symbolically represent the eleven players in reference to the unit that should have everything inside football team. The design is inspired by the rotational speed and dynamic movements in football developed.
Speedcell AFA has as main feature the profile “Grip’n’Groove” the ball providing exceptional flight stability, while providing a perfect contact between the loot and ball under all weather conditions. Comprises eight thermally bonded 3D panels, spherically molded, the adidas Speedcell AFA is extraordinarily round and is the most accurate and consistent ball produced by adidas.
In terms of design, Adidas Speedcell AFA has a new coat of Argentine Football Association, spatially designed for the occasion. White color, the ball has blue accents and blue with bright silver crossing the ball throughout its circumference.