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Adidas Tafugo AFA 2013

Adidas Tafugo – FIFA Approved

Color: White / Blue / Grey

Three of the great passions in Argentina: Tango, Football and Goals come together to launch the new official ball for the AFA: adidas Tafugo, premiering in the derby between Boca and River and will be used in tournaments and Initial Final.

The name and design of the balloon reflect both the traditional values ​​of the Argentines, as well as modern technological advances applied to the evolution adidas sport: it has a seamless surface and are heat-sealed panels. Also includes a texture that allows for greater control of the ball and more precise effects.

The name tafugo is a combination of the words tango, tbol y goles similar to the 2013 Confederations Cup Ball called Cafusa (carnaval, futebol and samba). The ball features the same panel design as the EURO 2012 OMB, Tango 12 as well as a design similar to the others NEW balls from Adidas like Cafusa Ball, UEFA Womens Cup in Sweden 2013, new Torfabrik 2013-14. The difference is only in the combination of colors.

Adidas Tafugo AFA 2013

For Tafugo design is replaced by a classic blue electric blue showing a much younger and more attractive, compared to previous adidas footballs.
The ball will be officially released on January 29, when they face Boca and River in Mendoza. It will also be used in the 2013 final and initial Tournaments Argentine football.
Confirming its position as the leading brand of football in Argentina, adidas shows its commitment to innovation in design and technology in the making of their balls, always looking to meet and exceed the highest quality standards.

ES: Adidas Tafugo oficial NEW partido de pelota en Argentina liga para la temporada 2013-14.