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Tango 12 Pilsener Cup

Adidas Tango 12 – FIFA Approved 202.A1D

logo Copa PilsenerThe National Football League 2013, trade name Pilsener Cup 2013, will be the fifty-fifth (55th) edition of the Serie A Ecuadorian professional football in this tournament is conducted under the name of National consists of three stages: stage, Second Stage and definition that all clubs face each other, and the winner of each stage will contest the championship final to determine the champion and runner-up of the year. Begin to be played on January 26. There will be three places for the Copa Libertadores 2014 and four for the Copa Sudamericana 2014.It should be mentioned that the former name of the local football tournament Ecuadorian called “Ecuadorian Football Championship” should be replaced after 12 years, for a historic designation called “National Football League” because the legal representatives of the Ecuadorian communicate with representatives of the Ecuadorian Football Federation to inform them we were not interested in renewing the concession for the use of that name, even if recibiecen a significant amount of money. For each year and each season it was unexpectedly changed the name, but were altered parts of the name.