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Erima Senzor Match

Erima Senzor Match – FIFA Approved
Color: White / Black / Blue / Neon

The ” Senzor match” Soccer by Erima offers a sensational ball acceleration by direct energy transfer.

Extremely durable – best game ball for youth teams
SpeedControl20 – innovative ERIMA panel construction
Optimum playability quality materials
Particularly high ball speed and perfect aerodynamics
Set new standards with the Erima football ” Senzor Match”

The Erima football ” Senzor match” sets new standards : Sensational ball acceleration at the same time a precise flight characteristics . Thanks to the innovative Erima panel construction of the Football allows optimal rounding and a grippy structure. Thus you are guaranteed the best game and flight characteristics . The abrasion- resistant material, with a special 3D structure provides the best aerodynamics. A combination of an ideal ball-handling with maximum ball speed and optimum flight characteristics makes the ” Senzor Match” a perfect plaything .

Product Details:
100 % polyurethane
Energy – PU : Sensational ball acceleration by direct transfer
Special 3D structure for better aerodynamics
SpeedControl20 – innovative ERIMA panel construction
ABS valve with 8 panels
White / Black / Blue / Neon
Size 5
Approx. 420 g
Get the men’s competition ball with an official size and weight home – the Erima football ” Senzor Match”