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obig Golty Invictus

Golty Invictus – FIFA Inspected

Golty presented the new ball Colombian football league, which is called ‘Invictus’. This ball replaces ‘Fusion’, also manufactured by Golty brand as the official soccer ball of the South American country until 2017, being used in League, Cup and the Tournament B.

“For 25 years Golty is privileged to be the official ball of Colombia, during which time we have featured balloons in the strictest specifications of FIFA, with the best materials produced anywhere in the world and so is the ‘Invictus’, with a unique design for our country, “said the engineer Eduardo Martinez Golty representative.

“The ball ‘Invictus’ has the same technical specifications” Fusion “, always trying to be the best international conditions that no matter the condition of the pitch, the ball does not change; the only difference is that the ‘Invictus’ bounces a couple of inches more than the ‘Fusion’, “said Martinez. (Invictus – 59in/1,5meter, Fusion – 47in/1,2meter)

ES: Golty Invictus – nuevo balón del fútbol colombiano.