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Kagiva F5 Pro

Kagiva F5 Pro

Kagiva F5 Pro is the official ball of the most federations Brazilian futsal. She already brings with it a host of technologies that deliver greater results in excellence for professionals as well as Termofusion technologies that provide greater durability to the product, leaving no water penetration there. The ball has already been tested and approved by several national futsal players, and also aroused interest from major leagues futsal for use in their championships. And crowning this great success, Kagiva launched for this year 2013 a new look that conveys in its layout, features of lightness, joy and mischief of these components Brazilian futsal.

Futsal in Brazil is governed by the Brazilian Futsal Confederation. Although it is not the most popular spectator sport in the country, it is the most practiced.

POR: Kagiva Pro F5 a bola oficial do futsal mais federações brasileira.