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obig Mitre Delta EFL

Mitre Delta

A new official soccer ball from Mitre released. Check some information how it’s made. An official match ball in EFL (English Football League) and SPFL (Scottish Professional Football League).
obig Mitre Delta Legend


The Delta is back. The legend has returned. Redesigned, reinvented and rejuvenated. It holds a unique place at the heart of English football and over the years it’s been treasured by players and fans alike. Di Canio’s volley. Cantona’s chip. And that Beckham free-kick. Its return means that a new generation of players can now have their first football experiences with a brand new ball with the same legendary trademark. Here you can learn how it delivers unrivalled performance – with more accuracy, more control and more power.
obig Mitre Delta Legend


Unique textured surface is engineered to deliver a pure in-flight path, increased grip and ultimate control. Embossed grooves provide up to 400% more stability at speeds of 30-45mph vs a rivalled flat panel construction.

obig Mitre Delta Legend


Versatile microfiber synthetic leather outer provides consistency throughout the whole season – with every kick. The tough material resists abrasion and remains sturdy, making this a player’s dream.

obig Mitre Delta Legend


Revolutionary and innovative technology – Hyperseam – delivers the benefits of both a stitched and bonded ball. Engineered to deliver superb speed, pin-point accuracy and increased power – but with the addition of bonded benefits. From superior durability to almost zero water uptake, Hyperseam is for use at the height of professional football – helping you perform at your peak.

obig Mitre Delta Legend


Crafted with dual Hyperfoam lining – ensuring maximum power in every strike. A soft-feel and cushioned touch increases player control and confidence on the ball – without compromising power.

obig Mitre Delta Legend


Interceding rubber layer separates foam lining to boost strike power transferred from boot to ball – resulting in exceptional speed and performance.

obig Mitre Delta Legend


Laminated high rebound synthetic bladder is designed to deliver rapid speed, intense power and increased bounce – whilst keeping ball shape throughout intense matches.

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