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obig Mitre Delta Hyperseam

Mitre Delta Hyperseam

The Mitre Delta Hyperseam, most technologically advanced football ever produced. As The Football League’s Official Ball, Mitre’s Delta Hyperseam will feature in 1,656 matches across the Sky Bet Championship, League 1 and League 2.  A further 15 games will be played in the Sky Bet Play-Offs, where the ball will grace Wembley’s hallowed turf bringing the Football League season to a dramatic climax.

The innovative Mitre Delta Hyperseam possesses the accuracy, speed and power of a stitched football whilst retaining the control and consistency of a bonded football. With 4,717 goals scored in all Football League competitions last season, fans will be hoping the new Mitre Delta Hyperseam hits the back of the net as freely this time around.

obig Mitre Delta Hyperseam

Mitre footballs have played in matches over the last four decades and the support they will continue to give Football League players over the next four years.