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obig Mitre Fission FPD

Mitre Fission FPD

Mitre Fission FPD official unveiled. Mitre presented the new official ball in Primera Division in costa Rica. This ball will roll in all matches in 2014 Winter Tournament. Starting on Saturday when the host Club Sport Uruguay de Coronado will play against  Sport Herediano at Estadio Labrador.

Mitre Fission FPD in colors: mainly white with red, dark blue and mix of both colors. Design from Mitre Delta v12. The manufacturing process of the Mitre Fission FPD not allow water absorption, making it more consistent in any surface on which it is played, whether natural or synthetic turf field.

UNAFUT also presented the FDP (Liga de Fútbol de Primera División – Football Premier League) brand, which will be the activity relates to any of the top flight.