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Nike Maxim CBF

Nike Maxim Brasil 2013 – FIFA Approved

Article:  # SC2198-870
Color: Mango/Yellow/Black

Brazil is the greatest soccer nation on the planet, having played in every FIFA World Cup and winning a record five championships. In fact, a common quip about soccer is “The English invented it, the Brazilians perfected it.” In similar fashion, Nike have created the premium Nike Maxim Ball, while a touch Brazilian flair has perfected it. Just take a look at the Nike Brasil Maxim Soccer Ball!

The Nike Maxim CBF is built to the highest standards, as evidenced by its FIFA Approved rating, the top seal of quality from soccer’s governing body. This match ball doesn’t just perform well, however. The vibrant mango and yellow colorway make this Brazilian ball a true piece of the beautiful game.

The Nike Maxim is the exact same style, construction and detail as the Official Match ball for the English Premier League (slightly different graphics).Depth-enhanced performance graphic is designed to catch the peripheral vision and engage the central vision quickly. Geometric Precision distributes pressure evenly across panels and around the ball for a consistent, accurate and powerful strike no matter where it’s hit. Perfect Sphericity allows the ball to fly faster, farther, and more accurately.

Micro-textured casing improves ball control by equalizing airflow over the surface. Compressed Polyethylene Layer stores energy from impact and releases it at launch. Cross-Linked Nitrogen-Expanded Foam for exceptional shape retention and durability. Polyester Support Fabric enhances structure and and stability, while the 6-wing carbon latex air bladder provides explosive acceleration.

The ball is designed with surface texture that provides opitmim airflow for highly accurate ball placement.This texture also give a unique “feel” to the player’s foot and allows the player to control and direct the ball perfectly in all weather conditions. The surface is a sophisticated and extremely fine structure on the ball’s outer skin that guarantees optimum grip between the ball and foot.

This ball’s advanced panel geometry distributes pressure evenly to provide a 360 degree sweet spot.

It is approved for circumference, weight, rebound and (resistance to) water adsorption.

The ball has been certified by FIFA as a FIFA-Approved Premium Match Ball for game use in every level of soccer games. Extra padding and newly developed panel layer system provide a softer touch and higher shooting power transmission. Polyester/cotton/PU construction. Thermo bonded seems.

Nike Maxim CBF Nike Maxim CBF

PR: Nike Maxim bola oficial da liga no Brasil para 2013 temporada.