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Nike Maxim Premier League Hi-Vis

Nike Maxim Hi-Vis Premiership – FIFA Approved 259.M6Q

Color: Yellow/Purple/(Black)

Designed with multiple colours on the ball’s surface that blend together to enhance maximum visual performance and contrast, the Nike Maxim Hi-Vis will enable players to see the ball better and make split-second decisions more quickly.
Boasting innovative Nike Rapid Decision and Response (RaDaR) technology – a lab and field-tested standard of visual performance – the bold geometric graphic and color combination creates a strong flicker effect with crisp edges while in play, even in low-light conditions; a vital innovation in a sport in which precision and timing are essential factors.
The Nike Maxim Hi-Vis, which will be used in Spain’s La Liga and Italy’s Serie A as well as the Barclays Premier League, also features Geo II Balanced Technology – an aerodynamic textured casing that helps distribute pressure evenly across all of the ball’s panels to deliver a consistent, accurate and powerful strike no matter where you hit it.

Nike Maxim Premier League Hi-Vis Nike Maxim Premier League Hi-Vis Nike Maxim Premier League Hi-Vis