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obig Nike Ordem 3 2015-16 Premiership

Nike Ordem 3 2015-16 Premiership – FIFA Approved

First post about new design a new upcoming Nike Ordem 3 in this year with a short information we posted January 10th. It was just only a question: It’s really a new design of official match ball from Nike? After couple of days we want to show You a new Nike Ordem 3 2015-16 Premiership. New design two colors gradient – eye-catching red with white on the ball will help players to see and react faster. Panel shape from Nike Ordem.

English Premiership is the one of three biggest leagues in Europe (also Spanish Primera División and Italian Serie A) where we’ll see a new Nike Ordem 3 2015-16 in upcoming season.



  • I bought the Ordem 2. I didn’t like these panels, it seems the ball is not round when they come together, in the tips of these pentagons. Also, the inside part of the ball, when not fully filled with air, seems to be apart of the external part. I have never seen this before. It took a while after filling it to have the inside part “expanded”. I hope nike will change this ball soon.

    • Ruben

      The Nike Ordem 3 is not round either. I was shocked how the ball actually bounced when rolling on a hard flat ground. You can easily feel this at the point the pentagons meet even when the ball is fully inflated. I had to return my ball because of this. I took a look at 5-6 different balls in my local shop and some are a bit better though, but not perfect.

      • That’s it! Good to read your comment because it’s really shocking to have such an expensive ball, which is used in the main leagues, and almost no one talks about this huge problem. This panel shape is so bad!!

  • We’ll see how will it be in Ordem 3. Maybe some one else who think about buying Ordem 3 will send us something about it.