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Nike Ordem 5 FA Cup

Nike Ordem 5 FA Cup

The Ordem 5 FA Cup football is the newest top ball from Nike. We’ll see it in the top leagues like: Premier League, La Liga and Serie A.

Since the first Nike Ordem the football is designed with a 12 panel construction, including the Nike Aerowtrac grooves that helps stabilise the fly path of the ball. New design called “Visual Power Graphic”, created by a special 3D ink, adds a microtexture to the upper. Thanks to new graphic visibility is on higher level and provides the path easier and quicker reaction.

Geometric Precision (compressed polyethylene layer) distributes pressure evenly for consistent, accurate and powerful strikes.

The stitches are Moulded together using High-Frequency Molded Web, being a light strong and very responsive. This allows for greater durability and a consistent reaction, at every touch – so you can dribble at high speed while making sharp turns. A nitrogenic foam layer ensures a consistent and close touch in all weather conditions, while a supportive polyester material heightens the structure and stability.

Nike has incorporated an updated version of the especially engineered Six-Wing-Carbon-Bladder. It proves superior air tightness, making sure you experience the sensational feeling, an amazing touch and a stable flow.