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Nike Ordem Copa Libertadores

Nike Ordem Copa Libertadores – FIFA Approved 259.A1C

The Nike “Ordem” is the official ball of the top club competition in South America, the Copa Bridgestone Libertadores. The ball will be put into play on January 28th at 23:00 GMT, in the match between Oriente Petrolero and Nacional of Montevideo.

The Nike “Ordem” is the most innovative, most technological and most aerodynamic ball that Nike has created in its history. It was created to have high sensitivity and an explosive response off the boot.

In a game that increasingly becomes more physically and technically demanding the Ordem Nike allows players to take control of the game knowing that the ball will reach its destination.

Built for the new generation of players, the Nike Ordem provides optimum contact with a new panel design, flight control never before seen with the new aerodynamic “AEROWTRAC” and high visibility with Nike RaDaR (Rapid Decision and Response) graphics.

The ball is formed by 12 panels in an enclosure system of three layers and wrapped in a carbon latex bladder.

The surface of the Nike Ordem is etched with Nike “AEROWTRAC” grooves. This latest innovation patented by Nike Football, these grooves are designed to hold and channel the air, generating a flight path that is more consistent, ensuring stability and accuracy in the air.

The Nike Ordem surface is also adorned with Nike RaDaR technology. This is a chart pattern that creates a flicker effect when the ball rotates so it is easier to distinguish from the player’s peripheral vision so they can react more quickly and make better decisions.

The white version of the ball will be used in the Bridgestone Libertadores. The design has a mixture of the colors of the flags of the 10 South American countries intertwined with the names of each country.

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