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obig Nike Ordem II CBF 2015

Nike Ordem II CBF 2015 – FIFA Approved

After releasing a new balls for Copa Sudamericana and Copa Libertadores, supplier Nike show us a new ball for brazlilian league. The colors of the Brazilian flag are reflected on the ball which will be used in the Brazilian Championship and the 2015 Brazil Cup. On the white base, there are shades of blue, yellow and green.
The ball is called Nike Ordem 2 CBF 2015 and promises to entice athletes because of its greater sensitivity in contact. It has 12 panels welded by fusion in a system with three coating layers, a polyester latex and a carbon chamber.
With new system of grooves, the ball was worked to provide greater grip and channeling the air. The goal is to create a more consistent trajectory in flight – generating stability and accuracy.

POR: Bola oficial da Copa do Brasil e do Brasileiro 2015.