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obig Puma evoPower 1 Statement

Puma evoPower 1 Statement – FIFA Approved 216.A1E

Puma evoPOWER 1 Statement is the brand new top ball in the Puma universe and it is certainly one of a kind. It is made of 20 panels, that gives the ball larger ‘clean’ areas, less seams and therefore gives you an even better touch on the evoPOWER 1 Statement, compared to other balls.

The ball itself is made of two layers. A PU layer and an EVA layer, which provide a not foreseen power to your strikes, as well as a a reliable bounce. The aerodynamic in the ball has also been improved compared to earlier balls, in order to provide precision and a sublime travel through the air. Again, this is ensured by the two-layer construction. The rubber bladder, together with the Puma Air Lock valve, ensures good air retention and reliability.
In the end the evoPOWER is nothing short of a true match ball, which will be used both at club and league levels.

obig Puma evoPower 1 Statement obig Puma evoPower 1 Statement obig Puma evoPower 1 Statement