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Uhlsport Tenor Revolution Cup 2014

Uhlsport Tenor Revolution French Cup 2014 final – FIFA Apporved

The Ball for France League Cup Final release April 10, 2014. The new Uhlsport League Cup Final Ball was especially unveiled for the 20th League Cup Final on April 19, 2014 when will be used first in match – Paris Saint Germain against Olympique Marseille . Official France League order from small supplier from German football -Uhlsport. Uhlsport also get trust from france for became supplier for second division of France. So Uhlsport have had experience for design and produce the Coupe de la Ligue (League Cup) 2014-2015 Ball.

The design and colors inspired by the France League Cup Logo. The Coupe de la Ligue Ball have white base color with gold and dark blue element.

FR: Uhlsport Tenor Revolution Trophée des Champions 2014 ballon officiel