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Umbro Neo 150 Elite OMB

Umbro Neo 150 Elite – FIFA Approved 209.A1A

Umbro Neo The Elite 150 is a ball with FIFA Approved category, status accorded to the balls for the matches highly competitive globally. During the evaluation, highlighted in the properties of weight, circumference, roundness, rebound and water absorption. It is made of microfiber, rubber / latex and cotton fabric technology. The ball is fitted with a latex bladder for great performance.

Umbro Neo The Elite 150 is a ball with fourteen Umbro configuration panels, joins in construction cloths with two hexagons and a pentagon traditional to create a large area of ​​impact and provide power and precision shooting. It has indoor and outdoor hand sewing, increasing its durability and strength. This brings us to the classic ball style, the origins of UMBRO, ball story combined with innovative design.
Its outer shell is designed and developed with Teijin, Japanese multinational specializing in high performance fibers. The fibers used in the Umbro Neo Elite 150 allows great elasticity, soft and consistent feel. It has a coating system Tricapa thermoplastic polyurethane to give more power and control at the touch.