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obig Umbro Neo Pro ADFP

Umbro Neo Pro ADFP

The Professional Football Sports Association (ADFP) presented the ball Umbro Neo Pro, which has a Hexa-Dimple texture, composed of hexagonal dimples, a technology used in golf balls.

Umbro Neo Pro ADFP 2016. This ball has the status of approval of FIFA, the state maximum occurring in the highest competitions worldwide. It has an indoor and outdoor 40% microfiber, 50% latex and 10% cotton, handmade and features that enhance its design and innovative technology.

The housing of the Umbro Neo Pro has been made with microfiber, providing greater elasticity and a soft feel. In addition, it has been designed with a configuration of 14 panels that help create a large area of ​​impact, provide power and precision at the time of shooting. It also has a layer coating system to maintain the shape and increase performance with a rebound of the ball faster. Also, the Neo Pro is equipped with a high performance latex bladder.

obig Umbro Neo Pro ADFP winter

Umbro Neo Pro ADFP winter edition