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Voit Alpha Silver

Voit Alpha Silver – FIFA Approved 257.A1B



· FIFA Approved: Official weight and size 5. FIFA certified and endorsed. Exceeded the standards of FIFA (resisted 30,000 hits without deforming). Approved for all mediums and weather conditions.
· Dynamic Damping: 4 layers of cushioning Polycell dynamic, achieving impact sensitivity, leading to greater stability.
· Geometry GEOSMART 28: Its symmetry is due to 28 panels (single cut in the world) that conjoined different geometric shapes (12 pentagons, 12 hexagons and 4 gripping panels) to achieve a better balance. Design with 12 different geometric shapes to balance the center of gravity. This provides greater accuracy and direction. In addition, the cover provides more durability and strength.
· Internal Balance: STA-SYMM-4 Technology and Camera technology ‘flux energy booster’ which reduces distortion and retains the maximum initial shock strength.
· Visibility: The contrast colors make for a highly visible soccer ball.