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Voit Aspid Apertura OMB

Voit Aspid Apertura – FIFA Approved 257.A1A

Within the first day of activities at the Annual Meeting 2014 Futbol Mexicano, took place the presentation of the ease with which the 2014 Apertura Tournament Bancomer LIGA MX, MX RISE MX and COPA will be played: The ball VOIT Aspid.

Voit Aspid is a certified and endorsed by FIFA ball, you pass the stringent specifications required globally, so it is becoming one of the most advanced of its kind spherical. It is a ball developed with the latest technology to achieve the best performance on the court.
Voit Aspid Apertura OMB
The new ball VOIT Aspid features: Aerodynamic resistance, Geometry GeoSmart 20, Interior and Damping Dynamic Balance. It will roll from the 2014 Apertura.