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 obig_Voit Dynamo

Voit Dynamo

“Energy is the inspiration of this ball” – ALEJANDRO GÁMEZ, Director General de Voit.

It’s been over ten years since José Cardozo made a ball Voit dozing on the network, thereby culminating a comeback for the title of the Red Devils of Toluca. Throughout those years, Voit has been faithful to the player and the spectator.

The big plays next tournament Liga MX demand the best ball, and with that in mind is that Voit has placed special emphasis on creating a ball that is the most advanced of its kind.

Voit Dynamo is the ideal tool for developing perfect ball trajectory, and to maximize the sensations of player at time of contact with him, demonstrating why it is the leading brand in Mexico. Voit’s reputation is founded on the field, we respect the football, and so adding new features to its optimal viewing within the field, both flush of grass and in the air. Voit has created the perfect ball for generating and controlling the energy generated by football.

Built to the highest standards of FIFA, the Voit Dynamo will have at its core with 4 layers of dynamic damping Polycell 4L made with material that will help the ball has a greater sensitivity when struck on its surface.
Another of the highlights that make this an article ball high technology is its geometry GeoSmart 2.0, which gives the Voit Dynamo a balanced center of gravity, resulting in greater accuracy and direction.

obig Voit Dynamo

obig Voit Dynamo

obig Voit Dynamo

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