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obig Voit Dynamo Gold

Voit Dynamo Gold

22 November 2015 Voit Dynamo Gold – official match ball of playoffs MX Apertura 2015 – was presented with the top eight teams in the Apertura 2015 MX League sought the title. The Dynamo Playoffs design integrates three elements to celebrate the ultimate triumph of our tournament: the gold, and the Victoria Crowned laurels; each with a special meaning that seeks to encourage all participants in the playoffs to reach the ultimate goal of the championship.

Voit Dynamo Gold has Playoffs in each of their faces with laurels and Victoria Crowned profiles, universal symbols of triumph and recognition to the winners in any discipline. At the same time the ball has a golden color that symbolizes the highest medal that comes in any competition.
“The Dynamo playoff ball is the first in which we include important changes in the design to celebrate the ultimate victory. Undoubtedly we are going the way of gold-colored league so accompany and inspire each of the teams to the championship, “said Alejandro Gamez, CEO of Voit.

Overall symbols included in the Dynamo playoff seek to inspire each of the participants in this phase of the tournament and celebrate the top winner of the Apertura 2015 Liga MX.
This ball also captures the concept of exclusivity with the slogan #InvitadoDeOro because like are only eight teams that can aspire to the Championship; this is the first ball that will be used for the playoffs and will be released in a limited edition of 500 units, which will have a unique packaging that lives up to the occasion, a brochure and a glorifying.
“The playoffs is always full of emotions and surprises phase, where the best teams in our tournament are the faces to determine the champion. The Voit Dynamo Gold, a playoff edition, perfectly captures the peak time and the holding means, “said Enrique Bonilla, Executive President of the LIGA MX and MX promotion.

Dynamo playoff start the ball rolling from November 25 when carrying out the first leg of the quarterfinals of the Apertura 2015 Liga MX. Stores will be sold exclusively for Martí and Innova across the country.
obig Voit Dynamo Gold