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obig Voit Irazu FPD

Voit Irazu FPD

Voit Irazu (Voit Legacy Irazu) a new official match ball in Costa Rica. Majestic Irazu Volcano and the imposing presence of the sea was a main theme of this ball. With a high contrast appearance, textures and shades in blue and red, symbolizing the convergence of ocean and mountains, jungle and volcano, characteristic of country Costa Rica.

obig Voit Irazu FPD

Voit Irazu with all new technologies from Voit Legacy. SD-SYSTEM technology which provides high durability and high performance ball. Its texture gives players full control in all weather conditions. Legacy Irazu has the GeoSmart 20 technology, which gives perfect aerodynamic drag with a new external-art material, textured for maximum performance in natural and artificial surfaces.