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obig Voit Turdus

Voit Turdus

Voit Turdus inspired by the national bird of Costa Rica – Yigüirro. The Ball design features red tones that recall the eye color the bird. Similarly it is integrated Yigüirro the unmistakable singing through the graph represents the same sound waves into the panels of the ball.

“We are proud to participate in one of the top leagues in the region, undoubtedly the football Costa Rica has grown steadily for several years now and the level of first division is definitely one of the main reasons why football in this country has grown in this way, “said Alejandro Gamez, CEO of Voit.

Voit Turdus addition to technology remains a unique design that makes it easy to see during the game regardless of the terrain or weather. VOIT partner of the Liga MX in Mexico and also provides the ball to the North American Soccer League in the United States; recently his balls were used during the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto.